Amie Fowler Virginia

Amie Fowler — Stafford, Virginia

HOMEWRECKER ALERT! Amie pursues men who are in committed relationships, engaged and/ or married and engages in sexual relationships with them. She continues to pursue my husband despite being told to stop by EVERYONE. She uses cocaine and fuels her drug addiction by draining money from unsuspecting men using a “sob story” about her struggles in life. She has slept with best friends and attempted to ruin marriages and long-term relationships. She video tapes her sexual encounters with a married man and she offers “legal counsel” to men who are experiencing challenges in their relationships and/ or marriages. She is NOT an attorney and has no license to practice law, nor is there any record of her taking and/ or passing the bar examination. She preys on men who are married, experiencing “rough patches” and is searching for someone to provide financial support to her and her daughter. Beware!