Amelia Borba Ashburn Kansas

Amelia Borba Ashburn — Wichita, Kansas

Now let me tell you about Amelia Ashburn from the moment you meet her she will be drunk or already buzzed. You’ll think alright this chick just likes to have a good time, so I’ll take her out, have a few drinks. Then you’ll get to the bar and she will order drink, after drink, after drink. And she will play you the while time by kissing on you, flirting with you, groping you and have you thinking this girl wants to get down. You’ll be all ready to go and she will stick you with the bill for all her drinks. Then expect you to more for her after party back at your place or hers. Then you’ll get her in the bedroom and get all ready to close the deal and she will pass out on you right in the middle of it or before. Then she will try the next morning to get you to go to the bar at 10am and do it all over again. And if u even think of meeting her when she is some what more sober to try to close the deal she will slap you hands away or move them away all while still kissing and groping on you being the nasty drunk cocktease she is. But even more so she will try to take you clothes or your stuff and give you the line “aww baby but ill give it back” and you wnt see it again. Don’t waste your time on this drunk your better off drinking the beers yourself. It’ll give you more pleasure then she will.