Amber Tomlin/ Amber Martin Cheaters

Amber Tomlin/ Amber Martin — Dardanelle, Arkansas

This story isn’t as recent as most I’m sure, but it needs to get out there because I’m tired of seeing how people think she is an “innocent” or “sweet” girl. This girls name is Amber Tomlin, recently changed to Amber Martin because she married the man she was ENGAGED to while she was sleeping around with and trying to persue a relationship a man with a son under one girlfriend.

She came into the picture when they split, when their son was 3 months old. Not a month later the couple got back together, yet behind her back they were trying to form a relationship, having sex on several different occasions. After she found out Amber came to their state and town, YES THEY LIVE 4 HOURS AWAY which she drove to… She messaged Amber and asked if she had seen him while in town because she felt like she was being lied to. Amber lied saying she was on a girls trip with her friend and didn’t see him while in town. Come to find out they hung out the whole weekend she was in town and had sex while he lied to his girlfriend about being home sick. Amber messaged her a month later asking how they were doing & if they were together which she replied saying they were, all the while she was STILL persuing a relationship with him, seeing him behind her back, and having sex with him without protection. This went on for 6 months when the truth came out about him cheating with Amber, she tried to play “friend” to his girlfriend claiming she didn’t know they were together. When come to find out she knew the WHOLE time and even tried lying to him about his girlfriend having another boyfriend when he told Amber he loved his girlfriend and wanted to just be with her. Then she stripped naked in her car and had sex with him on the side of the lake trying to convince him to be with her. She was with her fiancé now husband and father of her daughter the whole time this was going on too. I’m pretty sure to this day he has no idea, although from what she told my friend’s boyfriend at the time it wasn’t the first time she cheated on the man she married because she told him she didn’t know if her daughter was his due to her cheating on him. She’s a real piece of work who everyone thinks is beyond beautiful because she cakes on her make up and got a boob job. They think she’s the sweetest girl, yet she goes around sleeping with other women’s men while cheating on her own man. Not only did my friend have to deal with the heartache of finding out her boyfriend had ruined their family and cheated on her for 6 months right after their son’s first Christmas but she had Amber lying to her about knowing about their relationship, constantly trying to get her to stay away from him by giving her every little detail of what happened or what he’d say to her and talking crap on him too. She’s is manipulative, a pathological liar, and a cheater. Granted it was both their faults for what went on but she KNEW she was being a part of wrecking a family, when she has one of her own that she was risking wrecking too yet still choose the actions to help him cheat while cheating herself.