Amber Thotson Indiana

Amber Thotson — Kokomo, Indiana

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8yrs. We have one child with one on the way. Things started to get get rough as we got comfortable. He cheated on me with Amber for 3 months, after I found out he broke it off with her and told her not to contact him because he wanted to fix us. She then started showing up at his job and started texting him. She told him that if he didn’t leave me and lose all contact with me and the kids she would break us up anyway she could. He told her no, so she started harassing me and sending me their old screenshots. I told her to leave us alone and that I wasn’t going anywhere. She then texts my boyfriend the next day trying to argue with him about being with me. He asked her one last time to leave him alone and she started begging him to be with her and said he was the only thing she wanted in life he didn’t respond and she has tried to text a couple more times but he still hasn’t responded. She is a fine example of a homewrecker/ side chick. The worst part and the part that pisses me off the most, is she has a child Sasha’s the audacity to ask my boyfriend not to have any contact with his kids ?