Amber Sheaffer Pennsylvania

Amber Sheaffer — Shermansdale, Pennsylvania

So this girl used to call me her best friend for seven years before I realized it was all a lie. She wanted nothing more than to ruin my life because she constantly ruins her own. I have been with my boyfriend for over 2 years and on June 30th, I took day shift and a half day to take our cat to the vet. I thought my boyfriend was at work until my sister told me he was seen at the dollar store… with her. I confronted the both of them and they said that they just ran into each other there and he got off work early. Okay, fine. Can’t fault them for just bumping into each other in public. But then just the other day, I found out the truth. He called off work that day, not just left early, and went to hang out with her at her babysitters house. Then when her and the babysitter were alone, she told the baby sitter she wanted her to watch the kids so she could get a hotel room with him. He did end up coming home so the whole hotel thing never actually happened, but she texted him and convinced him to call off and hang out with her without me. I’m not saying he’s not in the wrong, he most certainly is for even agreeing to go over and now I can barely even look at him. But her as a supposed “best friend” should have never even asked him to begin with. Boyfriends come and go, but a best friend is supposed to be the one you run to when the boyfriend goes, not be the reason for it. I cut all ties with her and told her if she ever comes near me or him again, there’s gonna be a problem. Him, I don’t know what to do with though. I yelled, I screamed, he even slept on the floor last night because I can’t bare to touch him atm. And I don’t know what to do.