Amber Peil Illinois

Amber Peil — Wonder Lake, Illinois

I know everyone has a past, nobody comes into a new realtionship without some sort of baggage. My husband had a son with this crazy bitch. (we do not get to see him nor speak with him we only pay support for him) and yes I can start off like this because in the past 9 years this psycho Amber, her mom Polly, her friend Natalie have made it a point to to make sure I never forget she has his only child. I am 15 years older than him I have 3 kids of my own, these bitches would drive past our home blasting the horn, screaming for him to come out, and swear at my kids. She has waited hours at the local gas staion in town to talk to my husband, showed up at his work, our home and has left many “love you” letters in our mailbox. He called me to tell me she was at the gas station and I replied with yeah she was here too. She has attacked me in public places, sent dcfs to my house because she thought we had a child together which turns out to be our granddaughter.He has told her to go check herself in to the Elgin Mental Heath Hospital because she is crazy many times.

Now for the best part she (Amber) started sleeping with a close friend of ours, who is in an on and off again relationship with his girlfreind, during the off time he recently met up with her at a local motel, she told him she wanted a realtionship with him, he said no I am too good of freinds with “your baby daddy and his wife” to be in a realtionship wth you, so this bitch (Amber) goes on to tell his girlfreind everything, in great detail, said he fucked her in every hole creating more dram than needed to be, when he confronted her she told him, what kind of drama did you drag me into? Is this bitch for real??? He told her your crazy go check yourself into the metal hospital in Elgin you crazy bitch, she said wtf if you would just bring me around ***** and his wife so I could show him how much I still love him tis would not have been a problem. I almost died when he told me that, seriously after 9 years she is still trying to get him back, this bitch is the ultimate homewrecker in my eyes, someone who would stop at nothing to get him back after she kicked him out and was caught cheating on him mutilple time and ended up marring and having a baby with the man she cheat on my husband with. Now she wants my husband back in her life because she got cuaght cheating again and he is divorcing her crazy ass. This bitch needs help understanding HE DON’T WANT YOU IN HIS LIFE PSYCHO!!