Amber Johnson Georgia

Amber Johnson — Decatur, Georgia

Amber Johnson is a vile human. She thrives on the distraction of other people’s lives. I honestly can’t even tell you where she met my ex. I just know she has no problem being the other girl. I say girl because, she doesn’t deserve the title WOMAN.

Amber knew full well of my engagement. Of the fact I was pregnant as well. She didn’t care. We were happy.. Or so I thought. I found out about Amber Johnson because the dumb whore kept putting pictures up of them on Facebook and we had mutual friends.

When they “got together” she was pregnant with another mans baby. (3 babies 3 fathers) to make the story short, Amber Johnson would not go away. I did everything I could. I even pressed charges on her and had her put in jail for districting my property and for hitting me. She was like a roach.. She wouldn’t go away. Finally I had enough. I kicked him out. Now they’re living happily ever after and I’m raising my child alone. She’s currently pregnant on #4.

Maybe one day Amber Johnson will stop wrecking homes and start being a real mother. Instead she pawns her kids off and sleeps with any dick she can find. Amber, you are low life trash. You two deserve each other.