Amber Hunt & Matt Hunt Cheaters

Amber Hunt & Matt Hunt — Phoenix, Arizona

Let me introduce you to two local criminals. Both skilled at fraud and illegal activity. Amber Hunt and Matt Hunt, Husband and wife run a few businesses under the name Amber Brite Cosplay and an Etsy store Amber Brite Props. When asked if they had a business license they both said they had an LLC. A search of the Arizona Corporation Commission revealed they do not have a registered business in Arizona. Now this is little stuff really, The fact that Amber has been convicted no less than five (5) times for defrauding area apartments and has a very extensive record for that. Their Fraud as even expanding to defrauding people on GoFundMe this year. They posted their dog needed medical attention and raised money for the dog. Would you believe the dog didn’t need anything and now they have a nice new floor installed in their home. Amber has her husband, a failed local photographer, who also operates without a business license take nude pictures of her to sell on her website. Now this isn’t the problem, well aside from her horrible Mexico implants, but the problem is if she gets mad at you, she will post all about you on her facebook page, calling you names an rallying others to her cause to destroy you. She will even post your payment information on her facebook. She will cry that you are a misogynist for paying for her nude photos that she sells. One time, she even used it as a fundraiser for a new costume. Just recently, again on facebook, she went onto another males page and got into an argument with him about his opinions and then screen captured it and did another “call to arms” so to speak in yet another attack against someone for having a different opinion. They have learned that they can make up stories to play on the emotions of others by always playing a victim, they will continue to hurt others for their gain. This is a huge beware of Amber and Matthew Hunt. They are the worst of the worst.