Amber Dawn Harshbarger Idaho

Amber Dawn Harshbarger — Twin Falls, Idaho

Hi, I’m Amber Dawn Massey but you will also know me as Amber Dawn, Amber Dawn Harshbarger, or under my plenty of fish name Redneck131492. I’m 26 can’t hold a job down, cant drove and live in Twin Falls, Idaho. I’m looking for a man that doesn’t mind that I’m still married to the father of my children. He also can’t push me to divorce my husband, so I can still get the money from the taxes, while his family takes care of my kids so I can go and f**k other guys. In order for me to be in a relationship with anyone I’ll need them to fill the following criteria, financially able to take care of me, a sick, emotionally gullible, able to drive me anywhere, and the willingness to believe my lies about my previous “abusive” relationships. I.E. I love you, I’m only yours, other guys wont leave me alone and wont get the hint. I will cheat, lie, and do anything I want. I’m a Homewrecker and a heart breaker. Even if your the most caring guy who goes without sleep to help me, take care care of me, and treat me like a queen. Even if it your the most caring guy and every womens dream, I will betray you. I’ll sleep with another guy as soon as I leave a few hours later. Then I’ll make you a bad guy. Note: I made her wishes come true. Including making myself the bad guy. I will grant her last wish as a parting gift. So, with a broken heart, mind, and soul I post this. I loved her till the end. I also send this out as a warning and a reminder to not trust her. She broke me in ways that no one else could. Keep an eye out for her, she’ll destroy everything. She is a true Homewrecker…… Love your now ex.