Amanda Stevens Cheaters

Amanda Stevens — Vancouver, Canada

Recently my new husband came to me about being addicted to porn. I found out that during the first year of our dating relationship he was sexting this person behind my back. She knew he had a girlfriend and would even sext via facebook messenger where our picture was clearly displayed. She sent him pictures of her icky boobs (the private investigator and I did not appreciate seeing those when we retrieved his files) and even helped him conceal the betrayal by switching from facebook to text. Part of the reason I realized he had a problem was that out of the blue this dumb chick friend requested me…and trust me she is nobody that would ever be in my friends circle, it was her crazy stalker way to try and get closer to him and find out more info. The joke is on her because he picked unattractive, desperate women because they would keep his secrets and do this with a handful of women he considered “not real dating material” at the same time.