Amanda Stevens Rutledge Cheaters

Amanda Stevens Rutledge — McGehee, Arkansas

This woman works for John Deere at Arkansas Ag in McGehee. She was married when she and one of her customers started fratinizing. This led to an all out affair and the destruction of both marriages. Apparently it’s ok to use company time and phones to flirt with married customers and to set up meeting places for roadside sex. So if you are a woman in this area and married to a customer of Arkansas ag, you better watch this whore. She has no boundaries. As for him- this isn’t his first rodeo- this is his second marriage that he’s wrecked – is there a pattern here? I think so. Gossip and rumors they say. Deny it even when there’s photographic evidence. Couldn’t expect more from cheating liars – if you aren’t happy just get a divorce- remember if they cheat with you, they will cheat on you. You are a prize Amanda , got boobs and braces before you decided you wanted another woman’s husband. So not only are you a whore, you are an opportunist oh and baron. FYI- There’s a reason God doesn’t bless people with children and getting pegged in a truck on the side of a road after the bar closes by a married man who is also baron may be one of them-but that’s none of my business ???