Amanda Smith And Adrian Moreno Cheaters

Amanda Smith And Adrian Moreno — Orange Cove, California

I would like to expose those ugly fat balding slob! I will try to make the story as short as possible. Me and my kids dad have known each other for 15 years. We’ve been off and on for the past 8 years. We decided to give it one last shot. I seen he was trying and he was making changes and, for once he was treating me the way I deserved to be treated. I had finally had trust in him he did everything he could to gain that trust again. Well last Saturday I went to have lunch with my old childhood friend, she had asked how I was doing and what’s going on with my love life. I told her how me and Adrian were doing good and how I was trusting him and about the changes he has made. I told her how I felt happy. She got this look on her face and she said “I have to tell you something” she went on to say that her friend has been seeing Adrian for the past six months! Not only that but, apparently she also was stalking my Facebook. I asked her how the girl even knew who I was? She said well, she had told me about this guy she met on tinder and how he’s from orange cove and his name is Adrian, so my friend asked the girl if he had two sons? Which she said yes. My friend went on to tell her how he was off and on with me and she showed her what I looked like from my Facebook. So after that she was always on my page. Well I left and I went to the car I had text adrian asking him who Amanda smith was and of course he tried to say he didn’t know who she was. He called me and I told him not to lie to me. I gave him details about what was said. So he told me how he met her on tinder, and he said he also told her he was seeing someone and her response was “it’s ok idc” he said it was just a “fuck” and how she meant nothing to him. I felt so sick to my stomach and I was so angry with him. I wasn’t mad at the girl (yet) I got home and messaged her and told her how me and him were together and that I was sorry she got drug into this mess. I gave her my phone number so she could call me and talk to me about it. Instead of doing that she got angry and called my friend (the friend who told me) and my friend ended up getting upset with me telling me why did I message the girl? Saying it was unnecessary drama. I wasn’t causing drama and I wasn’t saying anything mean to the girl. It made no sense to me how this was getting turned on me. Well the next day adrian called me and told me he’s not talking to her. He also let me know how she did text him saying that she still wanted to see him even if he stays with me. She said it could be a secret. That’s when I got mad at her. How dare her!! And not only that she was also talking to some married guy! She was trying to get him to leave his wife. She’s so desperate and disgusting! She doesn’t care if the men are taken or not. And she doesn’t care if the wives or girlfriends find out it doesn’t stop her. She’s a low life piece of crap!! And I ended things with Adrian. As much as I loved him with all my heart I couldn’t take him back after he did that. He lost any trust that I had in him. I was always by his side I never left. It hurts when someone you care about does something like this. It’s an awful situation. All I can do is learn and grow from it. But I wanted to share and show her picture so you ladies can be aware. Cause she goes after men that are in relationships.