Amanda Rutledge Cheaters

Amanda Rutledge — Monticello, Arkansas

After being called psycho for almost 2 months for accusing these two, I finally came face to face with them together. They told both their spouses the same story the same day- that they just didn’t love them the way a wife/husband should love a wife/husband. Really? Maybe because they were too busy committing adultery with each other than honoring the vows they made to their spouses. Even when confronted they both denied and she not only denied but threatened harassment charges. I’d like to see that report. “Yes sir Mr officer, this lady is harrassimg me because I’m having an affair with her husband ????. FYI. You aren’t a victim – you are a whore. And for him- takes a real man to call your wife psycho all because she knows the truth about what you are doing. Yeh the truth- you should check out Webster and learn that definition. Of course this isn’t his first offense- it’s a pattern for him so Amanda will reap what she has sewn with this one- Y’all 2 pieces of TRASH need JESUS!