Amanda Ruby Carmack Kentucky

Amanda Ruby Carmack — Louisville, Kentucky

Amanda Ruby Carmack, age 25, thinks she is a good Christian, but the fact is she is nothing but a lying, cheating, adulterer. She portrays herself as good person who wants to help people but in fact she helps herself to other peoples husbands. She started having an affair with Robert Lawrence, age 35, who is a co-worker at Rite Aid. They are both store managers. He was married to his wife of 10 years and a 12 year relationship, when he met her. He was helping his wife mourn with the sudden lost of her father when she made her move. He denied the realtionship and took the cowards way out by not telling his wife he was leaving. Amanda lied through her teeth when confronted with the alleged affair. She said she did not know what they were talking about. His wife found out about the affair because she went on Amanda’s facebook page and found pictures Amanda posted of Amanda and Robert. And she even put in her blog about how she found the love of her life. When confronted she took post and pictures down and still lied about everything. She even went as far as making up a boyfriend named “Chris”. If she is a known liar it makes one wonder what else she lies about.