Amanda Rose Ibara Cheaters

Amanda Rose Ibara — Winnipeg, Canada

Amanda Rose Ibarra is the skeeziest mother. Pretends to go to church to repent her sins for being a scandalous mother. Stalks the 3 men that she doesn’t know who her baby daddy is. Should be on Maury Povich in my opinion. How embarrassing being that big of a slore. Sniffs pepsi as soon as her son Antonio lies down to bed and then sits on her phone stalking Tino (whom she thinks is her kids dad, he’s not btw it’s Cheeko his cousin). The girl has mental issues to say the least. She likes her weed, vodka and her coke and often sits at home doing it all by herself. If her son wakes up she screams at him cause he’s “killing her buzz”. Shes a real classy stay at home , stalking junky mother. MAURY.