Amanda Richard Michigan

Amanda Richard — Ann Arbor, Michigan

Amanda is 29 years old and a waitress at a truck stop in Ann Arbor. She was fed lies by her married general manager who is 44 years old and persuaded him to come by her trailer park to be shown what a good woman is like. After a short while of the encouragement he started sleeping with her after work and going home to his wife and children. It didn’t stop there, his wife confronted her and of coarse she became to ridicule the wife and began sending sexual images to him. Once again, his wife confronted both of them and he, on his own, called her and told her it needed to stop he loved his wife and didn’t want to hurt her any longer. After going to work she wouldn’t believe he would feel that way about his WIFE and continued to encourage the affair. He was obliged to have a young slut interested in him and continued. He was given a choice by his wife to quit that horrible dump or to leave the marriage. He chose to stay but little to his wife’s knowledge he had another cell phone in which he would use to text and send naked pictures of himself to the young slut. He took the new job and was away on training, his wife drove alone for 9 hours to spend a romantic weekend with him like they had for years even during the time he was sleeping with the homewrecker. . . It wasn’t enough for him. He continued to use Skype to have video sex with the Girl and more. Meanwhile his wife was in the doctors office learning she contracted a sexually transmitted disease from this slut. After three months of pure hell, she left work early one afternoon and caught him with her in Meijers parking lot. No longer could either of them deny the affair and to show the lack of values, morals, and common sense she had brought her young son with her to meet up with her married “boyfriend”. She is as low as they come! And to think she has spawned more from her gene pool is pathetic! She would have our tax dollars pay for her daycare so he could leave work for a bit and go screw her!!