Amanda Rendon Nevada

Amanda Rendon – Reno, Nevada

This is Amanda Rendon, she is a self centered woman that believes that she is a victim and innocent. She cheated on her loyal husband with some 25 year old sucker and lied to everyone about it. She can’t be alone she attaches herself to anyone who treats her good or makes her feel special and she will fuk you if you make her feel special or can get her tipsy enough. She is very emotionally vulnerable and plays games, she will use you until she gets what she wants out of you or finds something or someone better then will act like you never existed. She lies to her family about her relationships and affairs because she cant be seen as a bad person or whatever, shes very into her persona and how people perceive her and puts on a front to make sure she looks like a normal life and has her sh1t together and is innocent but she does not. She will do anything in bed if you get her to take her clothes off…which is not hard just be good looking and have a car, job, and a house. She drinks all the time and that is when she gets all lose and warm and fuzzy feeling. She talks to men on snap chat then lies about using it to everyone because she cant be loyal to one person. She was a heart breaker back in the day and cheated all the time. Once a cheater, always a cheater. She will take you to court for everything you have and leave you high and dry and find another man to live in your house while she starts a new life and leaves you hanging. She has committed multiple offences of domestic violence against me in particular and was never charged with them and acts like she is an innocent victim and she did nothing wrong she tells her family. Her parents are rich and will bail her out of anything she can not stand on her own two feet alone which is why she bounces through men. Stay away from this woman, she is a liar and unless you have something to offer her she will drop you. She gets along with men the most so its not hard to find her, she also sleeps with students at her job and co workers of her ex husband and friends of friends. She leads a very secret life so avoid this woman at all cost’s she will take you for everything you have including your kids and leave you and move on to the next man.