Amanda R. Domingue (Malagarie) Louisiana

Amanda R. Domingue (Malagarie) — Lafayette, Louisiana

This chick here Amanda R. Domingue (Malagarie) thinks she is God’s gift to men but she is really the devil in disguise. She is a known cheater around town and stupid men still think they are the only one she is with. She likes to party and get drunk as her hobbies. She’s even gone through a phase of women she was with. She thinks it’s ok to break up marriages because she broke up her own marriage. She was even in a relationship for a few years with a guy and cheated on him multiple times finally breaking up with him for a married man. She doesn’t care if kids are involved or who’s life she is messing up as long as she is happy everyone else can just go to hell. She has at least one married man in her pocket at all times looking for a pay day. She doesn’t even have full custody of her kids but uses them as a play with men on trying to get them to help pay for things. She has her car taken from her and the next day one of her sugar daddies bought her a new one. Watch your men and your bank accounts around this one she will try to take your man and your money and then move on to the next when she’s drained him dry. Take it from one of the women who’s man she slept with and then tried to take everything else from me. He’s not innocent in this and he’s getting his karma right now too. Just a warning if you see her in your mans life all of a sudden get the hell out of dodge because she’s not trying to just be his friend she’s trying to be his woman.