Amanda Miller Nevada

Amanda Miller – Las-vegas, Nevada

This meth addict with a mouth of missing teeth gave me DRD when I hired her off of [redacted] in Vegas. I originally met her at the BunnyRanch a few years ago when she was leaving her black pimp. She advertises under pornstar and never shot a porn in her life. She has no hair and wears cheap Sally’s plastic hair extensions that she glues into her scalp, and has “Barbie” tatted on her body. She kept smoking meth in the hotel room and was crying about her 8 year old son that her baby’s daddy has custody over because she is an unfit mother. She said she does this because she owes over 30k in back child support. She should take some of that money and buy teeth, fix her flat ass and sagging breasts. When she left my watch was gone and I saw her black pimp in the hallway meeting her. It makes sense cause when I first met her she was driving a chrysler and was trying to breed dogs in her traphouse. Avoid this 8 mile missing teeth hooker at all cost. She also works at the BunnyRanch in Nevada known for drug addicts and poverty. She drives a Chrysler and posts that she bought a house, when in actuality it is all a lie. She’s a drug addict, avoid this low life. [redacted]