Amanda Landin Minnesota

Amanda Landin — Willmar, Minnesota

This girl is completely physco, she has been blocked from all her exes accounts of social media but that doesn’t stop her, she’s mailed him letters in the mail, she even went as far as messaging him off her fake Facebook account. She got pregnant with their first child in 2014 and tried to drink it away but all it did was left the poor baby boy with a lot of medical issues along with losing him to the state, 2 months later she’s pregnant with the second boy, again drinking and popping pills to try to get rid of it. Now all she does is spend her spare time talking about her ex and how she misses him and wants a family with him but yet she broke up his family before by spreading her legs. now she’s out to make his life hell because he went back to his ex/mother of his first 2 kids. Keep her away from anyone that is taken she loves anyone that don’t belong to her and she thinks she’s gods gift to men!!!