Amanda J. Thomas Illinois

Amanda J. Thomas (Smith) — Morrison, Illinois

This is Amanda J. Thomas (Smith) she is 25 years old, she attended Bear Creek High School and got knocked up at the age of 18, she likes to ride horses and hit on married men with families. She’ll take their private information from their medical records so she can sext them, send nude photos, and videos of herself masturbating. She starts off seeming like an easy person to talk to and tell them that she isn’t being pleased at home. She likes to rub her nasty ass on them as she is setting up the roller table. She pushes and doesn’t relent until they allow her to get on her knees and blow them. She begs for sex, gets turned down and yet still keeps trying… She does this during business hours and will also walk out of the office to go blow men in their vehicles right outside in the parking lot. Oh, she’s married too. Then she works her way into to lives of these married men, befriending their wives, helping them plan their weddings and even offering to watch their children. She brings her husband along and sometimes her own child to hang out with the man she’s blowing and his unsuspecting wife. The texts and pictures increase once she gets comfortable in her new position as friend of the man she’s still trying to get sex from. She’ll start to imitate the man’s wife by drinking what she drinks, cutting her hair the same way, attempting to insert herself into every possible aspect of their life. She’ll bug the wife repeatedly to spend one on one time together, she will also push herself on the woman, blaming it on too much alcohol. She will send pictures of her vagina to the man from his bathroom while his wife and child are sleeping and her own husband is passed out drunk on the floor. She dresses like a prostitute trying to gain attention from men all while her husband is next to her. When confronted, she will deny then minimize the seriousness of her actions by saying “I only blew him 3 times” when it was much more than that, not realizing that she is tearing apart a family and putting a hardworking man’s business at stake. She does all of this so she can get a guy off, and beg for sex while she is on the job. Her husband will stick up for her, begging the man’s wife not to talk to her boss about it and defend her even though she’s done this to him twice before because he doesn’t get that it effects more than just them. She is cold and heartless, her apologies are meaningless and she shows zero remorse for the damage she has caused. Best part – she’ll leave you with a gift that keeps on giving. This waste of oxygen is the nastiest thing to walk the earth. Ladies take note and don’t let this piece of trash corrupt your man, destroy your marriage and rip your family apart.