Amanda Cruise Virginia

Amanda Cruise — Blacksburg, Virginia

This person Amanda Cruise gets online on games and meets men including married ones. She sends nudes and sexting messages so men will send her gifts and pay her and her husbands bills. She tells people she has cancer and that her husband beats her, which is all lies. She basically prostitutes herself out to men for money and gifts, she don’t care what she has to do. She even got engaged to a married man… note she’s married as well. She even let this person be around her children, a person she knows nothing about and even gave a fake name . She told him she had a hysterectomy, but later found out she lied about it. She definitely is a nutcase. She has told so many crazy stories. She will tell that there was no such thing that happened but they are so many text messages and naked pictures of herself that she sent the married man , I have no idea how she can try and lie and say she didn’t do no such thing. This person has a crappy marriage and instead of telling her husband and fixing it, she prowls on men to make herself feel better. What trash!