Amanda Cottrill And Chris Pyatt Nevada

Amanda Cottrill And Chris Pyatt — Las Vegas, Nevada

My husband could no longer stand the temptation and had to give in to his lusts and desires after working with this Bitch 2 years. HE SAYS HE has NEVER BEEN SO IN LOVE! WTF was the 19 years we spent together? A DREAM? more like a NIGHTMARE! This first picture I have included was right after my husband had went home from spending the night with me, having sex, talking , laughing, crying for 48 hours. This is the thank you, f**k you very much. I received this picture and a group text from the two of them stating how ” I was the one trying to cause problems for them”!! I forgot to mention that she was still living with her fiancee while all this took place. I filed for divorce, got sick of putting up with their bullshit alone and decided to send Amanda’s fiancee a picture I had found on the internet of a Porn they had made together.. 2 weeks later she was out of her fiancees house and living with my ex. Just as he had hoped all along. Now they plan on marrying. THIS BITCH had the nerve to tell me how I mistreated my husband for so many years and how she is there to PICK UP THE PIECES and FIX HIS BROKEN microscopic little heart!!! Oh wait he doesn’t have a heart. And neither one of them have any morals or conscious…