Amanda Christmas Cheaters

Amanda Christmas — Vancouver, Canada

For over a year she was going behind her boyfriend’s back sexting a guy she knew had a girlfriend and making plans to meet up with him. When the girlfriend confronted him this backstabber turned into the victim claiming she had tried to “deflect” the man’s advances. At first the girlfriend believed her and felt sorry for her. That’s easy to do. This pathetic chick posts on social media about her depression, her day drinking and being on unemployment. These aren’t things that healthy people share in a public venue. The girlfriend believed her until she saw proof that: -She sexted this man for over a year behind her own boyfriend’s back, making plans to meet up with him. -She sent him naked pictures. -She moved from a social media messenger to texting on the phone when she found out the girlfriend suddenly had access to the man’s social media accounts so she could collude with the man in keeping the secret. -She still has pictures of herself with this man displayed on her social media account. -When the man suddenly had a conscience and cut it off with her and blocked her on social media, she pulled a Fatal Attraction move and tried to friend the man’s girlfriend in an attempt to find out more about what was going on in his life. Doesn’t sound like deflection to me, in my opinion sounds like a stalker.