Amanda Bazzani Cheaters

Amanda Bazzani — San Jose, California

The only form of loyalty this girl knows it to 1) the meth pipe, and 2) anyone other then her significant others d1ck… She cheats on every boyfriend shes ever been with not only when they are in jail ( she dates a bunch of winners) she is quite slorish while they are out of custody as well.. She will start fights with her boyfriends when she feels like having some random d1ck inside her.. They fight, he leaves, she gets d1ck… Sean it so many times. Shes a pathological liar that lies about everything and in most cases wouldnt do something to help a friend or anyone unless it involves money, meth, or makes her look cool for what ever c0ck shes trying to devouer… She sits in her room all day long getting high on meth and ordering people that stay at her house rent free around.. “Friends” “ex bfs” and whoever else will. Gravel at her feet to have a place to. Stay. The sad part is its not even her house. Its her disabled mother’s house who is in a wheel chair and cant do much by herself. its supposed to me amandas job to take care of her mom and also her grandmother who is also in a wheelchair. She gets paid by the state to be the care taker for the two of them. Does she help them? When she wants to she will. Sometime it’ll take her up to 40 mins to get off her fat a55 and help her mom make a sandwitch that she asked for long ago. Or if shes really on top of things and mom asks for something she will have one of her little minions do it for her..amandas attitude twords everything is she is superior in everyway and if she feels like she is right then she is right. No matter what!!! She cpuld be proven wrong with 100% proof shes wrong and she is still right because this girl has major issues with being wrong…. When you prove her wrong and she feels stupid, instead of giving in and accepting the fact she was wrong she will get violent and scream at the top of her lungs outside in front of neighbors or whoever might be watching and scream crazy sh1t for everyone to hear im hopes that someome calls the police… On the inside She is the ugliest person ive ever met and I do want to advise any male in the meth scene to stay clear of this white because all it will be at the end of it all is her getting you for all that you have (money drugs) a couple trips to planned Parenthood, and feeling hella dumb in the end…