Alyssa Kaufman Michigan

Alyssa Kaufman — Houghton Lake, Michigan

Let’s start them young right? 18 year old Alyssa Marie Kaufman has a thing for older men. Her recent ex is 53 years old and her current boyfriend (My ex) is 30 years old. This girl will screw anyone who is getting grey hair regardless of their title. Hence why she also slept with her uncle and was engaged to him at one point and also slept with my good friends father and ruined his marriage and relationship with his children. At first my ex(Robert Mann) apparently still loved me after cheating on me with two other girls but low and behold not even 5 days after dumping me because i found out about his lecherous behavior he brings this gem back to MY HOUSE and has obnoxious sex with her while I’m home. I’m just looking to ruin a “beautiful” relationship because I’m a petty bitch. But also a fair warning to any woman married to an older man in my area and to the males in the Kaufman family.