Alyssa Ferraiuolo Cheaters

Alyssa Ferraiuolo — Sacramento, California

She’s a sociopath… Feels no remorse for lying and cheating. She will ‘gaslight’ during arguments denying that things you know to be true. She also uses ‘love bombing’ to distract you from the original problem. I thought she was a giving person until doing more research and any gift is just a tool to manipulate you later. She uses her job at the Casino and her school Sac State to look for prey. In person she’ll target anyone but online she’ll target married/unavailable men to catfish. Caught her cheating multiple times, and her exact words were “well that’s just how people date”. She comes from a broken home, her parents live together but never married and see other people. Was raised by her grandparents due to her parents neglecting her. She purposely puts herself into bad situations. Lost her virginity to a statutory rapist drug dealer, which in her small town still lives across the street from her with his mom and works 2 blocks away at Superior Tire Service. She will use this rough upbringing to pull at your empathy, but don’t be fooled she has NONE. When I caught her sexting spree I found the timeline to be shocking. While I was visiting my grandfather on his death bed she was in the room requesting butt pictures from a married dude out of state. She faked having vertigo for an entire semester of school so I drove her over an hour commute to school and waited in the car for over 8 hours until her school day was done while she was messaging guys dates and times she could meet up. When I had a worked in the area she would sit there at my work to make sure I was faithful while sexting many men. Pass this one by guys and save yourself the headache and heartbreak….