Alyssa Averette Ohio

Alyssa Averette, The worlds best girlfriend – Ohio

Alyssa likes to have multiple relationships at once with different men who know nothing about each other. She got caught cheating on 3 different people by posting on facebook she was engaged. As she was with one of them 3 men for a very long time came to learn she had 2 other boyfriends as she was with him both men sent all the messages an photos to her now ex an showed this was going on for a while but to the other men they didn’t know nothing of her current real relationship they thought they both was in a serious relationship with her. Alyssa got pregnant by another man while with her fiancee an got a abortion cause they baby was by a black man an she didn’t want the real truth to come out to her ex an family. She will lead you on thinking she is a good girl who is all about loyalty but will turn your world upside down she will use you to get any an everything out of you she will lie an have other boyfriends she will try an destroy anything you have going for you family, job, career, new relationships. She is very crazy an needs real medical help. If you come across this girl i would not give her the time of day. She will have you believing she is your dream girl until your world crumbles in front of you an it was all cause of her. Beware she is physio! A manipulator. She is all around bad news.