Alyssa Adams

Alyssa Adams – Surrey, Canada

This girl my friend has earned her spot on here. I have been dating this woman off and on for about a month and a half now to find out that she has had a boyfriend the whole time (sorry to the man who briefly and unknowingly shared his hole with me.). I met her on Plenty Of Fish, and should have known that something was up with the star she had over her face on all the pictures but she told me it was so that her co-workers didn’t see her on there. So what is the reason for this little sloots affair? Not enough attention see her boyfriend works two jobs and is too tired for entertaining her needy a55. That does sound rough you dumb sloot. This one was kicked to the curb with her unwashed up kept nasty a55 fish smelling twat. She complained that her man couldn’t manage to please her long enough in the bedroom, although I imagine it was mainly due to the fact that he wasn’t able to hold his breath long enough, the putrid smell coming off this woman’s vagina left cartoon like stink lines visible to the naked eye. She told me she didn’t have Facebook and I found this hard to believe so one day I decided to look her up and was able to find her profile in minutes only to see that her relationship status was “In a Relationship” I tried to find out who she was with so I could let him know what a nasty sloot she is but was unable to locate his profile. Hopefully this picture gets around and people (including the poor fuker who is dating her) will stay away. Burn in Hell sloot!