Alysia Ferris Cheaters

Alysia Ferris — Toronto, Canada

Alysia is a narcissistic, self-fish whore. She came between her “best friend” (since the 6th grade) and her boyfriend of six years. This isn’t the first time Alysia has . Let’s start with the first incident. The best friend had started to develop feelings for one of her close guy friends. After going through a bad break up with her highschool boyfriend, Alysia’s friend was scared to get into anything and didn’t want to ruin her friendship with her close guy friend. This was back in the MSN days, so Alysia’s best friend gave her close guy friend’s email and asked her to get information from him/see if he was developing feelings. Alysia decided to add him to MSN and invite him over to her house. When the time came and Alysia’s best friend confessed her feelings to her guy friend he admitted to like Alysia at the time. This should have been the first read flag but see, Alysia’s best friend is a kind-hearted person and decided to look beyond that because in fact “chicks before dicks”, right? A few years pass on and Alysia’s best friend is in a healthy and happy relationship with someone new. Her best friend was finally feeling happy in her life until Alysia decided to sleep with her best friends ex-boyfriend (highschool boyfriend that was previously mentioned that broke her heart). We should also mention that the exboyfriend had a gf at the time and cheated on her with Alysia.

Alysia never even told her best friend what had happened, she didn’t even feel bad about it. Her best friend found out through other people. Her best friend was angry and stopped talking to Alysia. Despite her bestfriend being in a new, happy relationship, there is a rule between female friends and that’s to never go after an exboyfriend. As time went on Alysia’s best friend decided to forgive her because despite the cruel things Alysia has done to her she cared for her and wanted her back in her life. A few years after that Alysia started the unthinkable. Alysia’s best friend was still in that happy relationship for almost six years. Things were really looking positive for Alysia’s bestfriend and her boyfriend. In July of 2012, Alysia attended a wedding were her bestfriend was the maid of honor. As the maid of honor she was busy doing everything she could for the bride, because of course that’s what the maid of honor does! Alysia’s bestfriend’s boyfriend at the time was shy but he seemed to be having a good time and the drinks were following. Alysia’s bestfriend was happy that her boyfriend was having fun with her friend as she was off doing the duties and she trusted her boyfriend and friends of course. Apparently Alysia’s bestfriend can’t trust Alysia because that night she told her bestfriend’s boyfriend that she was give him oral sex if it wasn’t the fact that he was dating her bestfriend.

A month went on and Alysia’s bestfriend kept her distance from her because of the events that took place at the wedding. The last weekend of August 2012 there was a get together at a local pub. Alysia’s bestfriend decide to invite her because she was feeling bad and didn’t want Alysia to be left out. That night Alysia went up to her best friend’s boyfriend and put her hand on his lap. The boyfriend expressed that he wasn’t allowed to talk to Alysia because of the bestfriend. Time went on, Alysia’s best friend kept her distance from her but the last weekend in September 2012 Alysia asked her best friend if they could go out for her birthday because she had gone out really since her 19th birthday. Alysia had gotten pregnant shortly after her 19th birthday. Alysia’s bestfriend already had plans but decided to invite Alysia along. Alysia’s best friend set up the plans and told her that they would have some drinks at her boyfriends house and then they would go to the bar to meet some others. The day of the event Alysia’s bestfriend worked during the day and came home that evening to get ready. Alysia called her best friend to verify the plans. Alysia’s bestfriend stated that she just got home from work and she would be getting ready shortly. Alysia’s bestfriend suggested that when she got to her boyfriends house that she would call Alysia and meet her half way since Alysia didn’t live very far from her boyfriends house. While her bestfriend was getting ready she got a phone call. It was her boyfriend and he explained that Alysia was already there, along with some of his guy friends. Alysia decided to show up early to her bestfriend’s boyfriend’s house instead of waiting for her. Alysia’s bestfriend was quite pissed and decided not to talk to anyone in the beginning of the night. I guess because her best friend wasn’t speaking to her Alysia left the bar early and went to go screw someone else. That was the last time the two friends would ever hang out. Alysia and her bestfriend’s boyfriend began secretly talking via social media and texting the next few weeks. They met up for coffee, walked their dogs together and talked.

Eventually Alysia’s bestfriend’s boyfriend ended his six year relationship with her stating that he had feelings for someone else. Alysia’s bestfriend was completely blindside and never saw it coming. When the best friend asked who the girl was, the boyfriend lied and said some other girls name. A few weeks went on and the truth finally came out. Alysia’s best friends now exboyfriend went over to her sisters to hang out with her sister’s husband. The exboyfriend reached out to the brother-in-law as he was feeling guilty. Of course, the brother-in-law told his wife and the wife told her sister. Once the truth was out Alysia best friend texted her stating that she couldn’t believe that Alysia did this. Alysia did not reply, and since has never stated why she did what she did. Alysia is not sorry and she only truly cares ahbout herself and her own well being. Alysia has slept with multiple women’s boyfriends and has cheated on every single one of her boyfriends. Alysia feels no shame or guilt for her behavior/actions . Alysia does not care about people’s feelings, or the hurt she has caused. Alysia has lost all of her childhood friends and doesn’t seem to be affected by it. Do not befriend Alysia!