Alonzo Louis Toms Hawaii

Alonzo Louis Toms – Hawaii

We were friends for over a year and dated for almost one year until I saw this girl Malia Ann post a kiss on his photo on Facebook and I posted a comment and tagged her with “WTF.” I then messaged her and asked her what was the nature of her relationship with my boyfriend who I’ve been dating for one year.That’s when he called me to tell me that he had been cheating on me, but he only admitted to kissing her. Then I asked her if she had sex with him. And then he TEXTED me, “I did have sex with her” So then I called him and I asked him when he started seeing her and he said one week before EXODUS–he’s in the Navy. So one week before Christmas he started sleeping with her multiple times. But he had been hanging out with her before then because she was showing him around San Angelo, TX where he was doing training until he got stationed in Honolulu Feb 13, 2014. Be careful girls in Hawaii. He’s dark complexioned, 6’5″ and slim build.