Allison Harper Cheaters

Allison Harper — Oak Hill, California

This is Allison Harper. She use to be my best friend years ago. We got back into contact after she spread some lies about me. I just want people to know she is a poor mother to her 3 year old daughter but she will be just as bad to her new baby Ryleigh when she is born. Neither kid belongs to her husband but he thinks they do. She has men over while he is at work and after her daughter is in bed. She even told me she is worried when this baby comes early that her husband will know it’s not his. She is a skank and always has a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection. She is so nasty. She feeds her daughter and husband food that has been sitting out all night or food that has fallen on the floor. Watch for her on snap chat, kik, meet me, or any other dating or meeting app.