Allie Summers Colorado

Allie Summers — Denver, Colorado

Beware of p4p Allie Summers of Denver Colorado! She poses as a Freelance Model but is really a secret p4p. A photographer friend of mine, who has been professionally photographing for over 20 years and married for over 10 years, told me what happened when he was approached by Allie Summers, and was initially asked to shoot some so-called art nude photos for her. My friend agreed and gave slore Allie Summers his photography rates, because nobody works for free in this day and age. At first she agreed, and she convinced him to shoot her in a field that was secluded from the public. Since they were nudes, my friend figured she wanted the privacy, like a lot of legit nude models. When he showed up, it’s like she didn’t give a sh1t about taking pictures anymore.