Allie Jo Hanson North Carolina

Allie Jo Hanson — Grand Forks, North Dakota

This trash is/was “best friends” with my SO’s sister. That is how my SO met her. So, not only has she knowingly and willingly destroyed my relationship with my SO and turned their dad into a deadbeat she also encouraged his sister to mess around behind her husbands back numerous times and help almost destroy her marriage (but thats really none of my concern as I know his sister encouraged their “fling” as well). She brags about the fact that her own boyfriend knows that crap she does and says he doesn’t care… and apparently neither one of those two give any thought to what this type of behavior is doing to their own child… much less to other people’s children who did not ask for their lives to be turned upside down. I could go on… but honestly she’s just a disgusting excuse of a person and a total waste of human life. I’m just disgusted by all of the lies, deceit, and hurt… hurt because I have been nothing but kind, generous, loving, and accepting of my SO’s family and to find that they all knew what was going on and not only covered for him (after they tell me that they are so happy he has me in his life and our kids are such a blessing.. blah blah blah) they apparently seemed to support his deceit. If you know her… I feel sorry for you. I would highly recommend not befriending her as she will not only try to get with your SO, but she will also encourage you to destroy your own relationship.