Allen. Taco DESANTIAGO Iowa

Allen. Taco DESANTIAGO – Iowa

This scamming con artist is a cheater, deadbeat lying scamming drunk!

He sues over con bs when he is so DRUNK he cannot walk n was told no drinking and still a scamming MOOCH!

Stupid Idiot, Medicaid, 12+different child support cases got 50%off the top Medicaid most of the rest and his lawyer n he might. Have 1cent, his get rich quick using a kind giving DISABLED LADY on a free trip tjis stupid drunk?and his Fat ex S*** thought they were so jealous of his brothers fiancee. That they lied to get money and only made an a** of themselves, tjis was not the first scam for suing , HE DRIVES WITHOUT A DRIVERS LICENSE DRINK AND NO INSURANCE, HIS STEP MOM B**** PEGGY DESANTIAGO GIVES HIM MONEY TO SUPPORT HIS DRUG N DRINKING HABITS, THIS FAMILY IS THE WORST POS NASTY SKANKS ON EARTH!