Allen Stovall Wyoming

Allen Stovall — Cheyenne, WY

Don’t ever feel special if he hits you up, he will stick his d*ck in anything wet. He is a needle junkie that and he don’t admit it. I went out with him for a month he lied and was talking to 3 other tricks. He does speed and is just gross. His brother told me that AL would f*ck with his left overs and he had no shame at all bout it. When he found out he had AIDS he refused to get treatment so beware. He also f*cked his sister in law and step sister so he will keep it in the fam don’t trip.


**Note from Admin**

-Not sure about the leftovers, but the rest of this sounds pretty standard, I mean who gets treatment for AIDS anymore?… Walk that sh*t off like a real man.