Allan George Cheaters

Allan George – California

Claims to want a monogamous relationship – just read any profile he writes online. Don’t believe it. Four (4) years with him. Monogamy isn’t his strong suit. Running away from his ex… his troubles are what are his problems. Allan, right now is looking ONLY for SEX. With his unresolved stuff with his ex a (and it’s been 6 years wth?) I think he still LOVES her, but is looking for SEX. right now… So women… be cool. enjoy. use him. don’t get emotionally involved. I spent 4 years with him… He didn’t like to spend holidays or never remembered my birthday…. I’m an idiot! 🙂 Have fun.. He always had an excuse. Not someone who will ever want anything from you but sex… He’ll never be ready for a RELATIONSHIP. UNTIL.