Alison Martha United States of America

Alison Martha — United States of America

In my lifetime, I’ve met some pretty shady people but there’s one person particular that is as shady, phony, conniving, deceitful and treacherous as they come. This POS pictured here is Alison Jokie Martha. She lives in Germantown, Maryland and has a reputation as one of the biggest Slores that Germantown has ever seen. I know her from college when she went to the Germantown MC Campus (Montgomery College), and was slooting it up. She is known to have slept with John Valtella, Chris Burrell, AKA Indovii, Darnell DeChalus, Ethan Hunt, to name a few. She don’t want her mother to find out but she also had secret lesbian relationships with Noel Softy, Dani Aronow, Dorian Briggs, and Kani Bassey. Funny how she slept with Dani but it is anti-Semitic and as a real strong hatred for Jewish people. She is Palestinian and her father was part of the Palestinian movement who took part in the massacre of Jews in Israel in 1967. This woman is also very nasty and disgusting she is known to have on multiple occasions put her menstrual blood when fixing food for her friends. She is a known liar and is known to have falsely accused men of rape and making threats towards her. In 2010 she falsely accused Stephen Hill, AKA “Fabio” of making threats towards her. She also falsely accused another man, James Merriam, of threatening her too. Alison Martha is one two-faced woman. She’s a con artist as well in this pitch photo here with her dog she alleges that her dog was suffering from cancer it was trying to set up a GoFundMe page page to help get funds for her dog’s treatment. The woman is also likes to screw dogs as well. It is alleged that she might be poisoning the dog to death slowly as it was alleged, but most likely true she may have ran a dog fighting ring in some secret place in DC. The FBI, CIA, and COINTELPRO should investigate this woman as she brags about knowing terrorists in the Palestinian movement and has talked about joining ISIS. Stay away from this evil shady woman.