Alisha White Konrad Tennessee

Alisha White Konrad — Collierville, Tennessee

Alisha Konrad was someone I considered a friend. Our daughters have cheered together for several years. We went on trips together, hung out during competitions and at practice. When she announced she was getting a divorce, I would check on her frequently and even had her over at my house for Easter. What I didn’t know was that she was carrying on an affair for several months with my husband of 16 years. Not only was she having an affair with him, but they were blatantly displaying their relationship in front of my kids and the other girls on the cheer team. It was so bad that the girls on the team were going home and asking their parents about them. The whole time she was having an affair with my husband, she had the audacity to speak with me and interact like we were friends. Now, my husband and I are separated and my kids’ lives are irrevocably damaged. This is not the life I wanted for them. She has absolutely no remorse.