Alisha Parris Indiana

Alisha Parris — Lake Station, Indiana

This girl is trash! I was friends with her long before I married my husband. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and have helped her out of a lot of ugly situations. Last year me and my husband split up and she decided to try to hook up with him.

I don’t know what all happened and I don’t care because they were states away from one another. She has called me trash, a whore who stands on the corner with a mattress and also told my husband I had cheated on him, which is not true.

Her husband then kicked her out and filed for divorce and asked for custody of the kids. She then moved on to a friend of mine and tried to split up her and her husband by starting rumors and trying to step in. She is now living with a 47 year old man that is married and has kids. She is a nasty person who likes to worm her way in to married lives and tries to ruin it. She has stabbed me in the back and walked all over me.