Alisha Murray Maine

Alisha Murray — Presque Isle, Maine

This “woman” and I say it that way because she acts like a child is disgusting. I have a hard time thinking of a male within a 15yr age span in our small town she has not either screwed or tried very hard to screw. Everyone in town has seen pictures of her vagina it is almost a town joke. When she knew my husband and I WERE happy and she still went after him. She will tell other women not to worry because ‘I gotta man’ -classy I know, but she just screws whatever she can. She ruined our family. When I came across all the texts and calls on his phone it took me ten minutes of looking at the picture to figure out what it was. Her vagina was THAT deformed and gross looking. She has a child she doesn’t even take care of just lives off the system and had men in and out of her house all the time. LADIES BEWARE this rotten brown toothed ho will stop at nothing to get as much random dick as she can. Seriously she actually gets off/got off sleeping with other womens men. Say to him it actually makes her feel more powerful in one exchange with him. I would have given her the benefit of a doubt -woman to woman- except I read the truth with my own eyes so it doesn’t matter her denying it. Sickening!