ALISHA HANIF — California

So Jada got married to a guy she claims to hate but wants to be with my buddy when he gets out of jail and knowing he already has a woman waiting for him.but the kicker is your partner has no clue what you have been doing behind his back and your wedding was a joke i almost felt like standing up and laughing considering what you did before you got married with a certain some one lol. you told me when we where all hanging out when you had your sh1t together you where making good money and looked amazing but you truly thought you where above every one and talked sh1t about every one and ripped every guy you have met off that is what is so funny.I spoke to Chubby the other day and she said she heard you are working in a restaurant lol and living at your partners parents place. Dont get me wrong a job is a job but its kinda funny i remember you saying any one working a minimum wage job is a loser and you would never be with some one who doesn’t have money.So i guess the boob job you got isn’t doing well kinda saggy lol how are the drds doing any flare ups lol. who is the loser know Jada aka Alisha Hanif. ?.S does your husband know who you have been screwing behind his back the moral of the story is when you go around taking sh1t about every one u meet and still ripping people of and constantly lying and thinking you are better then every one it comes back to bite you in the a55