alisa Noris Florida

alisa Noris – miami, Florida

Thought I’d do a follow up with this girl that’s done porn and trying to fly under the radar. I wrote about her maybe a year and a half ago because she was trying to be an legit actress/model and I discovered she’d done over 15 porn shoots. There’s nothing wrong with being a porn star if you go all out and become a household name, but Talisa Pierson thought it would stay hidden. She did a bunch of scenes for Bangbros, Reality Kings, and Brazzers (dancing bear also where she was banged in front of a crowd at a bar, lol) 3-4 yrs ago and deff thought it would stay buried on these paid sights, her stage name was Nikki Johnson btw. She’s all over google images also. You can easily find her work on any number of free or paid sites. So to the point….I use to follow her on instagram and she was dating this dude for like over a year who seemed to be about her age…now within like 4 months she’s been with this fat old guy who bought her a ring, she drives a Bentley or something and lives in Miami or LA or both. I wonder if that other guy found out her previous work is all over the net and ditched her….and if this new guy even knows he married a video sloot. When you do porn it’s online like forever, and who thinks doing over 15 scenes will stay hidden, well at least she doesn’t have to try anymore at life or a career. I just laugh that it’s going to come out sooner or later for this hoe and someone’s going to recognize her, hopefully her new hubby knows, could you imagine finding out after the fact, lol . also her instagram is Talisa N @Talisapierso