Alicia Mills North Carolina

Alicia Mills — North Carolina

I honestly do not know where to start this. I just know that what I feel is hurt and betrayal. My husband and I have been married three years now. He has been in the military for two years. He left for boot camp on April 23, 2012. At first everything was fine. He would write me letters as much as he could. He always knew what to say at the time to help me keep my head right. We had a “family day” in the month of June. We were able to see each other for 24 hours then he would return to training again. After that day was when everything started changing. Everything started going downhill and I did not know why.

He came home for leave after his graduation. I noticed he was acting very distant. Not very affectionate and even though he had been gone for months…he was not interested in having sex with me either. He would always receive phone calls from someone and he would always walk away from me so I could not hear him. They started calling even early in the morning when my husband and me were still sleeping. I do not like to do this but one day I decided to call the number back. A woman picked up, I hung up. I did not know what to say to be honest. I had so many emotions run through my body at that point. So many thoughts. Well even after that she was ballsy enough to call him back. I picked up and asked who is speaking. She said Alicia. The only Alicia I knew of that my husband knew was an Alicia Mills. I finally was able to tell her to stop calling him and to back off away from my husband. In the past I had seen where she would send him messages on Facebook trying to see him. I would always read them before my husband would so I would delete them. Well after that, I had my suspicions so his leave was not so great. We only had a few days to spend with each other before he moved to Germany and he just would refuse to tell me what was going on.

Once, he was in Germany I knew my husband was a different man from when I met him. I knew he did not love me the way he used to love me. It was a very long 6 months before I saw him again. He would barely talk to me. He was very cold with me throughout those months. I knew something was wrong with him. He was able come home for Christmas that year after those 6 months. When he came home and I saw him and kissed him for the first time…..I knew it was not him anymore. He treated me so bad when he came home for Christmas and the phone calls began again. I was not going to call her back though to tell her to leave us alone but I asked HIM to do it. Did he want to? NO! I threatened him that if he didn’t do it…that I would leave. Guess what he picked? He chose for me to leave then to call the slut to tell her never to call back and to leave us alone. It wasn’t long though that I came back of course, like an idiot. I decided to go through his phone and he had his Skype account up and there it was. He was skyping with her all of the time. He would not even Skype with me. I would ask him to and he would always say he didn’t have any service. I was so hurt that he would Skype with another woman and not his own wife. I confronted him about it and all he said was that he was giving her advice about marriage. Apparently, she has a bf who is also in the military. I let it go because he had to leave for Germany again in a few days. I was still very angry.

Two more months pass by and we finally were able to get a house together in Germany and I made it here the day before our anniversary. Our anniversary is March 1st. That day was pretty nice but later that night my husband was taking a shower and I decide to go through his pictures in his phone. The day before I got there he had taken pictures of a few letters. I could barely see what they said but I knew they were nothing good. I saw Wilmington and I knew they had to be from Alicia. I asked him and he said they were from his cousin but I was not stupid. I go looking through everything. For hours I could not find anything. I was so mad I made him sleep in the guest room and still had not given up. It was 2 am and I decided to look under a book on MY nightstand, on MY side of the bed and there they were. Clear as day from ALICIA MILLS. I read through the letters and I felt as if my whole world had finally come crumbling down. She was telling him that could not stop thinking about their kiss, that she was going to be the mother to his children, that she was trying to get transferred to a school down here in Germany so she could be closer to him. She even was talking about some stupid stuffed animal my husband gave her that still carries everywhere she goes. Not once did she ever write about her boyfriend. All she would talk about was him and her. MY husband still had a letter he didn’t send to her. It was still sealed. That is when things got worse. My husband fell right into her trap. He was already talking about marriage to her. He was telling her that I was nothing but his quote “now” wife. He was comparing their “love story” to the notebook and dear john and telling her that if they were married he knew they would be happy. He was talking about me to this other woman like I meant absolutely nothing to him, like he was stuck with me. Even accused me of forcing him to marry me. He was telling her that she was beautiful…something I had not heard for a long time.

I lost my mind when I found all of these letters going back and forth from them. I woke him up he said that everything that happened between him meant nothing. Since my husband started boot camp It lasted for a year and I found out on our anniversary. I called her and sent her a message through facebook calling her all kinds of names. That she was a homewrecker. What made me more angry was that when I called her last year she had a nerve to post on Facebook a status about me. Making fun of me with my mother in law’s best friend. The sad part is that my mother in law was the one who passed out my husbands contact information to her and that is where it all began. Well, when after I found out I contacted many of her family members, including her father, letting them know what their daughter was doing. I still didn’t think it was enough so I contacted her boyfriend too. While my marriage was falling to pieces because of her she was back home with her boyfriend like everything was fine. Unfortunately, he did not believe me. Even after I sent him copies of letters where his gf was telling my husband that she felt like she was in heaven kissing MY husband.

Months passed by, my mind was so messed up I had to start therapy. I was taking so many medications just to function during the day. One day Alicia actually contacted me that we needed closure because she knew she messed up and that I was out for blood. We were able to Skype and I was just shocked to see such an awful troll on the screen. At first I did not know what to say…but then I pour my heart out. I told her exactly how I felt about her and I asked her why?? All she could tell me was that her and her bf were having problems and she wanted to find out her “What ifs” with MY husband. I wanted to tear her apart when she told me that. She was foolish enough to tell me how she was jealous because I was so beautiful and even showed me how she has my IG saved to her phone. She said that when she found out I had an IG she decide to make one too so she could follow my every move. Why? I do not know. It has been a year now since I found out about their affair and I am STILL having to deal with her. She has become so obsessed with my marriage and makes so many fake facebook accounts so send me requests. I will send her messages saying I know its you Alicia and she deletes it right away. Then She will make another one.

I don’t know how to make her pay for she has done but PLEASE EXPOSE this low life desperate human being for what she is!!!