Alicia Fritch Michigan

Alicia Fritch — Saginaw, Michigan

To begin my ex-husband and I had four children together and had a regular babysitter whom watched the kids while we were working and at other times as well. When Alicia Fritch started babysitting for us she was 15 years old and babysat for us on a regular basis for about 4 years. Then we separated for a little while as our marriage wasn’t going well and I assume during that time was when her relationship with my then husband got sexual. He admitted to having sex with her on a regular basis at this point. She was 19 years old and I had never known what was going on. A friend saw them together at a store and alerted me about it and it was after I asked him why she was with him that he admitted to cheating on me with her and told me that he has been having sex with her for about a year. I informed him that I would be filing for a divorce after this, we had been trying to make things work but after that I filed for divorce and have been a single mom of four boys for two years now. He turned around and married her shortly after our divorce and they now have two children together. He doesn’t do much for the kids that we have together anymore they don’t have much of a relationship with him.