Alicia Ellis Cheaters

Alicia Ellis — Sydney, Australia

Alicia met this married 29 year old on the bus to Canberra to meet her brother and his family! She later went on a date with this married man and she told him he was in a open relationship! Alicia knew better but she didn’t care! She lost her virginity to this man within two weeks of meeting him! A few weeks later and she adds him on facebook and it confirms what she already knew! This man had a wife and a two year old child. That did not stop Alicia. She told her friends about it and they all laughed about it and she went back and slept with him again multiple times! He cuts it off and decides to go back to his family. Later on it turns out that this poor lady was in the Army and on call and was also pregnant! She later found out about his affair and Alicia didn’t care! She tells people about it and laughs like it’s all a big joke. No idea what happened to his poor wife and how she coped with being pregnant and a parent of a two year old and finding out a 20 year old lost her virginity to her husband after meeting on a bus and laughs about it with her friends!