Alicia Anderson Florida

Alicia Anderson — St. Pete, Florida

Alicia/Lish Anderson, Albanese, Tarrant in Tarpon Springs, FL is a homewrecking whore who pursues married men. She obviously cannot keep a man- as she is divorced twice now, and has two children by different men. She was going through a divorce when she had affair, projected her misery onto the other person, and tried to take-down someone else’s marriage. She is a vial, piss-poor example of a mother and a women. Alicia should be ashamed of herself- and is not fit to represent the children/organization she works for. I wonder what her employers and coworkers would think if they knew…? Not very professional, to say the least. All whores need to stay away from married individuals! Get it through your dumb-bitch, frosted head! But Karma is a BITCH…and I always hope bad things happen to bad people. I have a long memory – an evil streak – and zero patience for whores (especially whores with kids). Watch your back bitch – get some therapy – and go find your own life.