Ali Poupard Cheaters

Ali Poupard — Windsor, Canada

This is Ali Poupard from Windsor, Ontario. Her Facebook is Ali Poupard also. She works at the Greek Grill in Windsor and Halloween Alley in Windsor. She use to date my man years and years ago, he left her and she can’t get over him. He moved on with me earlier this year and she continued to blow up his phone, comment on all his Facebook and Instagram photos like they were together. When she found out he had ME she sent me a threatening message on Facebook and I never told him. She continued to stalk him at Villians bistro and text him when we were together. She started sleeping with my man knowing he was taken and didn’t care. She kept telling him lies and convincing him to leave me. This isn’t the first time of heard of her ruin a relationship or marriage. She broke up my friends marriage and family and got him into hard drugs c**caine. I heard from another friend she gave a man herps a permanent std that’s how she found out! Stay away from this little girl she ruined my life with the love of my life!!!!