Ali Ghani Cheaters

Ali Ghani – Edmonton, Canada

this is Ali Ghani the con-man and sexual harasser and pathological liar. Ali Ghani owns a bunch of Anytime Fitness Gym Franchises in Calgary and Edmonton now. He has refused to pay many of his staff and sexual harassed female personal trainers working for him. One of his female trainers was doing Stiff-Leg Deadlifts and he put his right hand on her glutes (a55) and she turned around and yelled “what the hell are you doing?” and everyone turned to look at him. He just stood there with an arrogant smirk on his face like he was invincible and could do whatever he wants. She quit the same day. He used to be CEO of the PRISM Group of Companies in Calgary where he conned people out of their money and got sued BIG TIME by the Alberta Security Commissions which you can read for yourself on the Alberta Security Commissions website and on NewsWire since it’s all public record. According to the Alberta Securities Commission Ali Ghani ADMITTED to making untrue and misleading statements to screw people out of their money because he had a No-Win legal case and he was desperate to strike a plea bargain with the Alberta Securities Commission rather than fighting them in court and losing. Someone also posted Ali Ghani on the The-RipOff-Report last year to warn people about Ali Ghani too. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE WARMED ABOUT THIS COLOSSAL PRICK AND CON-MAN, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM, JUST REPORT HIM.