Alexis Martison Cheaters

Alexis Martison – Grand Prairie, Canada

Alexis and Eli both work at Reed Energy Group in GP. They both are safety office staff. Eli is married, and Alexis has even met his wife! The two make their “secret” affair pretty obvious leaving at lunch together and not returning to back to work for the day. Two other co-workers have caught them making out at work. Both witnesses have came forward to speak to management about the wildly inappropriate affair. The management at Reed did nothing about what they heard, and have turned a blind eye to the affair because Eli is buddies with management and the owner of Reed. Also the wife has been informed about this affair and she doesn’t believe he’s actually cheating on her. Alexis is probably not the worst person and Eli isn’t either. But Reed won’t do anything about it then hopefully this will embarrass them enough to stop.